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  Avaya Merlin Magix
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Please Note:   the following phones are NOT regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished PBX phones   > details
  • Only new PBX Equipment comes with Manufacturer Documentation

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·Avaya 700383375 9500/9600 Phone Wall Mount (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700383953 9610 Wall Mount Kit (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700405079 S8700 Series DAL-2 Duplication Memory Board (Refurbished)
·Avaya 700415573 BM32 32-Button Add-On Module (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700415607 1603 PoE Splitter (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700430416 3645 Wireless Phone
·Avaya 700430424 3641/3645 Single Charger ·Avaya 700430432 3641/3645 Dual Charger ·Avaya 700438278 G450 Fan Tray (Refurbished)
·Avaya 700446578 DL385 146GB 10K SAS Hard Disk Drive with Drive Tray/Caddy (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700462518 SBM24 24-Button Add-On Module (Refurbished) ·Avaya 700466105 3720 Wireless Handset
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·Avaya 700479454 3740 Wireless Handset ·Avaya 700479462 3749 Wireless Handset ·Avaya 700480643 BM12 12-Button Add-On Module (Refurbished)
·Avaya 700480940 364X Desktop Charger Power Supply ·Avaya 700500871 374X Basic Charger ·Avaya 700500875 374X Advanced Charger
·Avaya 700501538 B100 Series Memory Card 2GB ·Avaya 700502016 V2 Radio Base Station With Internal Antenna ·Avaya 700502034 V2 Compact Base Station
·Avaya 700503104 D100 DECT Repeater ·Avaya 700503106 D160 Firmware Upgrade Cable ·Avaya 700503108 D160 Power Supply
·Avaya 700503109 D160 Charger Without Power Supply ·Avaya 700503110 D160 Battery ·Avaya 700503111 D160 Belt Clip
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·Avaya AL1001E06-E5 5520 24-Port Ethernet Switch With POE ·Avaya AL3500E16-E6 3549 Ethernet GTS Power Switch With POE ·Avaya Lucent Max 900 901812-05 6950-ET7 PBX Console Monitor (Refurbished)
·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 10 Eurostyle Phones and Voicemail (Refurbished) ·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 3 Phones and Voicemail (Refurbished) ·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 5 Phones and Voicemail (Black/Refurbished)
·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 5 Phones and Voicemail (White/Refurbished) ·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 6 Eurostyle Phones and Voicemail (Refurbished) ·Avaya Partner ACS Release 6.0 with 9 Eurostyle Phones and Small Voicemail (Refurbished)
·Avaya Partner Plus Release 3.1, Carded 6X6 with 6 Phones (Black/Refurbished) ·Avaya Partner Plus Release 3.1, Carded 6X6 with 6 Phones (White/Refurbished) ·Avaya PSG60-24-04 IP Office 60W Earthed Power Supply (Refurbished)
·Avaya S8500 C36650-002 Intel Pro/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter Daughter Card (Refurbished)
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Avaya Merlin Magix 4424LD+ Large Display Phone (Black)
Price: $209.00

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