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  KXT Phones
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Please Note:   the following phones are NOT regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished PBX phones   > details
  • Only new PBX Equipment comes with Manufacturer Documentation

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·KXT Phones ·DBS Phones ·Panasonic AC Adapter for UTG Series Phone (DSA-42D-482480063)
·Panasonic DBS 576 VB-44510 Loop Start Trunk Card (8x0) (Refurbished) ·Panasonic DBS VB-44611 Extension DTM Interface Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-A239 AC Adapter for UT Series Phones
·Panasonic KX-A406 DECT Wireless Repeater ·Panasonic KX-A423 Power Adapter for KX-HDV130 IP Phone ·Panasonic KX-DT546 24-Button 6-Line Digital Speakerphone (Black)
·Panasonic KX-DT546 24-Button 6-Line Digital Speakerphone (White) ·Panasonic KX-DT590 48-Button DSS Console (Black) ·Panasonic KX-DT590 48-Button DSS Console (White)
·Panasonic KX-HDV130B Basic SIP Phone ·Panasonic KX-HDV20B Monochrome Expansion Module ·Panasonic KX-HDV230B SIP Phone
·Panasonic KX-NT136 6-Line IP Phone (White/Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-NT303 12-Button Add-On Module (Black/Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-NT305 60-Button Key Expansion Module (White)
·Panasonic KX-NT505 48-Button IP DSS Console (White) ·Panasonic KX-NT505-B 48-Button IP DSS Console (Black) ·Panasonic KX-NT546 6-Line Backlit LCD Display 24-Button IP Phone (White)
·Panasonic KX-NT546-B 6-Line Backlit LCD Display 24-Button IP Phone (Black) ·Panasonic KX-NT553 3-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone (White) ·Panasonic KX-NT553-B 3-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone (Black)
·Panasonic KX-NT560 Executive IP Phone (White) ·Panasonic KX-T123291 DISA-B Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-T30810 Key Service Unit (Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-T7603-B 12-Key Add-On Module (Black/Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TA824 Key Service Unit (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TA82461 Door Phone Controller Card (Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-TA82483 3x8 Expansion Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TD1232 Key Service Unit - Release 7 (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TDA0180 8-Port CO Line Card (Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-TDA0187 T1 Trunk Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TDA0193 8-Port Caller ID Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TDA0410 CTI-LINK Card (Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-TDA100 Basic Key Service Unit with Cover (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TDA50 4x8 Key Service Unit with Power Supply (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-TDA6181 16-Port Analog Trunk Card (Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-TGF375S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone with 5 Handsets ·Panasonic KX-TGP600 SIP DECT Cordless Phone System ·Panasonic KX-TGP600G SIP DECT 6.0 Base Unit
·Panasonic KX-TPA60 Cordless Handset for KX-TGP600 ·Panasonic KX-TPA65 Desktop DECT Phone ·Panasonic KX-TS3282 2-Line Expandable Phone (Black/Refurbished)
·Panasonic KX-TVS75 2-Port Voicemail System (Refurbished) ·Panasonic KX-UDT121 SIP Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone ·Panasonic KX-UDT131 Rugged SIP Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone
·Panasonic KX-UTA336B Expansion Module for UTG300B Phone ·Panasonic VB-44181 SCC-Service Control Card (Refurbished) ·Panasonic VB-444202 Time Switch 288 Card (Refurbished)
·Panasonic VB-44514 LTRK 4-Port Trunk Card (Refurbished) ·Sennheiser SP10 USB Portable Speakerphone
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Panasonic KX-T7020 Speaker Phone (White/Refurbished)
Price: $65.00

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