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  NEC DTB Phones
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Please Note:   the following phones are NOT regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished PBX phones   > details
  • Only new PBX Equipment comes with Manufacturer Documentation

NEC DTB 16D-1 Display Phone (Black)
pad NEC DTB 16D-1 Display Phone (Black)

Price: $139.99

Color: Black

Condition: New

    NEC DTB 16D-1 Display Phone (White)
    pad NEC DTB 16D-1 Display Phone (White)

    Price: $99.00

    Color: White

    Condition: New

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      ·NEC Aspire 0891009 T1/PRI IP1WW-1PRIU-P1 Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Aspire 0891018 IP1NA-8SLIDB-A1 8-Port Single Line Expansion Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Aspire 0891039 IP1NA-PALA-UGD Upgrade PAL Chip (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Aspire 8 DID/OPX 0891012 IP1NA-8DIOPU-A1 8-Port Single Line Expansion Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Aspire M 0891017 8-Port Single Line Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Aspire S 0892180 4-Port/8-Hour Intramail Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Aspire S IP1NA-4SLIU-S1 4-Port Analog Station Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Aspire-S 0892179 4-Port, 8-Hour Intramail Voicemail Card (Refurbished) ·NEC BE106416 Univerge SV8100 PZ-8DLCB Digital Station Daughter Board (Refurbished)
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      ·NEC Electra Elite 48/192 MIFM-U20-ETU Multiple Interface Unit (Refurbished) ·NEC Electra Mark2 171662 TSW-E ETU Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Electra Mark2 171663 COI-E Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Electra Mark2 171668 MFR-EA ETU Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Electra Mark2 700217 CPU-EC4 Processor Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Electra Professional Level 1 ESF-C-10 KSU Unit (721010) (Refurbished)
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      ·NEC NEAX 2000 IVS PN-4COTG 4-Port Caller ID Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2000 IVS PN-CP15 Firmware Processor Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 201158 PA-8RSTM 8-Port Register Sender Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 221016 SPA-PRTC-A PRI Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 226028 SPA-PRTC-B PRI Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS 200126 PA-24DTR Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS 200128 PA-24CCTA Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-16COTBE Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-16ELCH Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-16ELCJ-B 16-Port Digital Station Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-16LCG-B 16-Port Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-24PRTB-A 24 Channel T1 PRI Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-2CCHA Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-4DATB Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-8RSTAD Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-8RSTJ Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-8RSTK Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-8TLTR Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-CC98 Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-CK00-C Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-CP53 Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-CS02-C Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-CS33 Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-M69 Circuit Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-PW-55 Power Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-PW-55-B Power Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-PW54-A Dual Power Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS PA-PW55-C Power Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 IMS SPA-16LCCD-B Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 PA-16ELCJ Digital Station Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 PA-16LCBJ-A 16-Port Analog Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 PA-16LCG 16-Station Analog Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 PA-M96 System Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 PH-GT09 Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 PH-PC36 Circuit Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 PH-SW10 Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC NEAX 2400 SN1607 CPRRI-A CPU Card (Refurbished) ·NEC NEAX 2400 SPA-16ELCNA-B 16-Port Digital Station Card (8530203) (Refurbished) ·NEC SN1595-CPRBF-A 24000 Central Processor Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Univerge 670103 PZ-VM21 Daughter Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge 670107 SV8100 CD-8DLCA Digital Station Interface (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge 670837 UM8000 550 Hours Compact Flash Media Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Univerge SV8100 670015 CHS2U-US 6-Slot 19 inch Chassis Cabinet (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge SV8100 670123 CD-VM00 Voice Mail and Server (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge SV8100 670127 PZ-ME50 Daughter Card (Refurbished)
      ·NEC Univerge SV8100 670128 CD-LTA 8-Digital/2-Analog Extension Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge SV8300 CC-CP01 Controller Card (Refurbished) ·NEC Univerge SV8300 CHS1U-AC Main Chassis Cabinet (Refurbished)
      ·NEC UX5000 0910004 19 Inch 6-Blade 2U Chassis Cabinet (Refurbished) ·NEC UX5000 0911077 8-Port Digital Station Blade Card (Refurbished) ·NEC UX5000 IP3WW-16ESIU-A1 16-Port Digital Station Blade (0911038) (Refurbished)
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      Cortelco 220000-TP2-27E Colleague Speaker Display Phone (Black)
      Price: $70.00

      Nortel T7100 Display Phone NT8B25 (Platinum)
      Price: $85.00

      Toshiba BHEU Headset Adapter (Refurbished)
      Price: $10.00

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