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  Nortel Norstar Phones
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Please Note:   the following phones are NOT regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished PBX phones   > details
  • Only new PBX Equipment comes with Manufacturer Documentation

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·Nortel Meridian Option Cards ·Nortel NT8B90AC-93 Analog Terminal Adapter With Power Supply (Refurbished) ·Nortel NT7B69AAAA Global Analog LS/DS Trunk Card (Refurbished)
·Nortel NT7B69AAAB Global Analog LS/DS Trunk Card (Refurbished) ·Nortel 3x8 & Startalk Mini Power Supply ·Nortel Button/Literature Pack for M7000
·Nortel NTAK04AB AC/DC Power Supply Rlse 11 (Refurbished) ·Nortel NT5S03MAE5 24-Port Ethernet Switch With POE ·Nortel Norstar NT5B41GB-93 LS/DS 4x0 Caller ID Card (Refurbished)
·Nortel NT7B6201 MICS Replacement Power Supply (Refurbished) ·Nortel Norstar Global Analog Caller ID Trunk Cartridge (Refurbished) ·Nortel NT5S03NAE5 BES1020 48-Port Ethernet Switch
·Nortel NT5B20FC 8x24 KSU Cabinet without Software (Refurbished) ·Nortel NT6D42CD Ring Generator DC Card (Refurbished) ·Nortel NTAK05AA Power Supply Unit (Refurbished)
·Norstar ATA/Flash Voicemail Power Supply (NT8B98AA) (Refurbished) ·Nortel Meridian NT6D41CA CE Power Supply DC Card (Refurbished) ·Nortel Modular ICS XC7.0 Software Card (Refurbished)
·Nortel Meridian NTDK70BB OPTION 11C/CS1000M Power Supply (Refurbished)
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Nortel T7208 Display Phone NT8B26 (Charcoal/Refurbished)
Price: $45.00

Nortel T7316E Display Phone (Charcoal)
Price: $105.00

Nortel T7208 Display Phone NT8B26 (Charcoal)
Price: $115.00

Nortel T7316E Display Phone (Charcoal/Refurbished)
Price: $47.99

Nortel T7100 Display Phone NT8B25 (Platinum)
Price: $85.00

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