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  Plantronics 27019-03 Y Adapter Training Cord
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Plantronics 27019-03 Y Adapter Training Cord
Item Code: PLT2701903
Price: $35.00
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Color: Black

Condition: New

Key Features:

  • 27019-03
  • Y Adapter Training Cord
  • Allows 2 people to hear both sides of the conversation
  • Compatible with Plantronics Amplifiers and H Series Headsets
  • Red Inline Switch allows user to switch who speaks-one of the two users is always muted
  • Manual Mute Button

Package Includes:

  • QD Clamp (62976-01) to reinforce the connection where the Y cord connects to the amplifier cord

Item Code: PLT2701903
Price: $35.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Color: Black

Condition: New

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Plantronics 27019-03 Y Adapter Training Cord
Price: $35.00

Plantronics 2.5mm Patch Cable for H-Series Headsets
Price: $24.95

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