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  Superset 5000 Series Phones
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Please Note:   the following phones are NOT regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished PBX phones   > details
  • Only new PBX Equipment comes with Manufacturer Documentation

Mitel Superset 5X00 Series Replacement Handset (Black)
pad Mitel Superset 5X00 Series Replacement Handset (Black)

Price: $23.95

Color: Black

Condition: New

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    ·Mitel 51005172 C7 2.5A 125V Power Cord ·Mitel 51015423 5603/04 Charger Global (Exclude EU) ·Mitel 51300183 3300 AMB/AOB Connection Unit-America
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    ·Mitel 52002827 MiVoice Office Digital Base Pack ·Mitel 5340 48VDC IP Power Adapter (Refurbished) ·Mitel 54006064 MiCollab Mobile Client & SIP Softphone
    ·Mitel 54006696 MiCb Web/Aud MiVBus MXOne & 5000 User x1 ·Mitel 550.5312 Attendant Console V3.2 Single Node ·Mitel 56002534 5310 IP Conference Module Optional Mouse (Refurbished)
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    ·Mitel Superset 700 MC411CA Console Control Unit (Refurbished) ·Mitel Superset 9132-250-101 SIM2 DSS Module Board (Refurbished) ·Mitel SX-200 ICP MX Controller Replacement Fan (50003884)
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    Krown K-RA-005 Amplified Ringer and Strobe (White)
    Price: $34.00

    NEC DTR 16D-2 Speaker Display Phone (Black)
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    Avaya Merlin Plus 0x10 Station Card (Refurbished)
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    Vodavi Starplus Digital SP-1414-70 Executive Phone (Grey/Refurbished)
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