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  Adtran NeVanta 3430 4200820G3SBC Router with SBC Feature Pack
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Adtran NeVanta 3430 4200820G3SBC Router with SBC Feature Pack
Item Code: ATR4200820G3SBC
Price: $1,008.00
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Color: Black/Blue

Condition: New

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The NetVanta® 3430 is a modular access router that uses RapidRoute technology to deliver the high-packet throughput required for IP telephony, corporate connectivity, and Internet access. This performance-enhanced platform delivers wire-speed throughput, even with advanced services enabled like Quality of Service (QoS), NAT, firewall, and VPN.

Key Features:

  • Mfr. Part #: 4200820G3SBC
  • WAN Connectivity: Single-slot Module supports up to two T1s
  • LAN Connectivity: 2 x auto-sensing 10/100Base-T ports (RJ-45)
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP): Wi-Fi Access Controller for centralized management of NetVanta Wireless Access Points
  • Firewall: Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • VPN: IPSec Tunnel Mode: 100 Tunnels
  • Quality of Service (QoS): DiffServ Packet Marking and Recognition
  • Administration: Web-based GUI
  • Single-slot Modular Access Router supporting up to two T1s
  • RapidRoute technology for greater performance
  • Inherent URL filtering to manage employee Internet access and enforce Internet usage policies
  • Standards-based routing/switching protocols
  • CompactFlash slot for backup and restore, and for auto-provisioning
  • Stateful inspection firewall for network security
  • Onboard hardware encryption accelerator for faster VPN connects
  • Recognizable Command Line Interface (CLI) to reduce learning curve
  • Intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with step-by-step setup wizards
  • upports all current NIMs and Dial Backup Interface Modules (DIMs)
  • Integral stateful inspection firewall protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attempts
  • Standards-based eBGP/iBGP, OSPF, RIP, static routing, and bridging protocols
  • Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT), 1:1 NAT Port Translation, and NAT Traversal v2
  • NAT-compliant SIP ALG
  • DHCP client, server, and relay
  • Inherent URL filtering or through Websense® integration

Item Code: ATR4200820G3SBC
Price: $1,008.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Color: Black/Blue

Condition: New

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