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  Ameriphone Dialogue LVD Large Visible Display
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Ameriphone Dialogue LVD Large Visible Display
Item Code: AMERLVD
Price: $99.00
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Condition: New

The Ameriphone LVD Large Visual Display is designed for persons with low vision or for long-distance viewing. The LVD is compatible with the Ameriphone Q90D TTY and the Dialogue VCO telephone.

Key Features:

  • Large super bright display with 20 X 1" inch tall characters.
  • Adjustable brightness setting to suit user's visual needs
  • Adjustable text speed and direction for easy reading
  • Controls conveniently located on top
  • Large 32K memory buffer
  • Can be placed over TTY or mounted on wall
  • Connecting cable included
  • AC adapter output - 12V DC 500mA

Item Code: AMERLVD
Price: $99.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: New

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