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  ESI IVX C-Class Gen II All-In-One Digital Phone System with Power Supply (Refurbished)
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ESI IVX C-Class Gen II All-In-One Digital Phone System with Power Supply (Refurbished)
Price: $429.00
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Condition: Refurbished

ESI IVX C-Class All-In-One Digital Phone System w/ Power Supply

Key Features:

  • Full integration
  • With an IVX C-Class system, just one compact cabinet does what other systems must combine multiple boxes to do. This makes installation and maintenance much simpler
  • Just the right size for most smaller businesses
  • Up to six phone lines, up to 12 digital stations, and two dedicated analog ports (for your cordless phone, fax machine or other analog devices) — for a maximum of 20 call-processing ports.
  • Digital Feature Phone
  • 24-Key and 12-Key versions
  • Simple installation with one-pair, non-polarity-sensitive wiring.
  • Big, easy-to-read, high-contrast display.
  • Provides various combinations of the following, depending upon the system model and configuration, the ESI Feature Phone model and the current operation:
  • Date and time
  • Current line usage
  • Phone number dialed
  • Name of caller*
  • Elapsed time on current call
  • Remaining time on currently playing message or recorded call
  • Dedicated feature keys; Esi-Dex™ (indexed speed-dialing) keys; and up/down keys for independent digital control of speaker and handset volume
  • High-quality speakerphone on 24-Key Feature Phone gives you hands-free ease for both talking and listening when it’s necessary; and IVX speakerphone audio is unusually sensitive.
  • Two fully functional analog ports
  • Voice mail, park/retrieve, transfer, page, call waiting, off-premises message delivery and more
  • Background announce
  • Privately hear intercom messages while talking to outside calls
  • Two voice mail options
  • Entry-level model, for those businesses which don’t want or need voice mail (can always be upgraded later to voice mail capability if you wish).
  • Fully featured voice mail
  • Two hours of message storage
  • Two channels (ports) dedicated to voice mail
  • Message Recycle Bin lets you “un-delete” 10 most recently deleted messages)
  • Quick Move™ allows you to press a programmable feature key during live recording to move the message automatically to that user’s mailbox. Ideal for supervisor/secretary work.
  • Virtual Mailbox Key™ is a programmable function key “tied” to any mailbox; allows easy monitoring of a second mailbox.
  • Q & A mailboxes
  • Multiple personal greetings
  • Quick Groups™ feature simplifies leaving a voice mail message for numerous stations: just press the VOICE MAIL key and then the appropriate station keys
  • Records voice messages with 64 Kbit-per-second sampling to provide the highest quality sound a telephone line can carry.
  • Three music-on-hold tracks or one outside source
  • Automated attendant — Up to 18 branches. Available for as much as or as little use as your business may require. Performs virtually limitless call routing, including directories, transfer-off-premises, pager notification, etc.
  • Off-premises “reach-me” allows a caller forwarded to your voice mailbox to reach you at an external number (e.g., your home phone or mobile phone)
  • Off-premises message delivery to a cell phone or home phone — Combined with pager notification, this provides impressive notification capability
  • Live call screening
  • Works like a home answering machine; lets you listen to an incoming message while IVX is recording it. If you want to answer, just lift the handset. Otherwise, IVX will record the message to your voice mailbox for later retrieval.
  • Live call recording
  • One-touch ease in recording any conversation, even a conference call. The resulting recording is available for copying to others via voice mail; great for keeping your colleagues “in the loop.”
  • Quick Groups
  • Have a thought to share with others? Press the VOICE MAIL key and the appropriate station keys (soft feature keys programmed for specific extensions) and instantly leave a voice message for all.
  • Verbal Help Key™, Verbal User Guide™, and Web-based help
  • Combine to provide instant, context-sensitive help with programming and just plain using your IVX phone system.
  • Enhanced Caller ID*
  • Esi-Dex built-in directory
  • Works with Caller ID to keep an alphabetical speed-dial list; accessible with just a keystroke and shown on the display.
  • Three separate speed-dialing lists: personal, station and system.
  • Users can now make entries directly from the Digital Feature Phone keypad
  • Programmable feature keys
  • Provide one-touch access to stations, lines, speed-dialing, agent log-in, service observing, and other features.
  • Tri-color LEDs make keys’ use even easier
  • Hold, system-wide and exclusive
  • Call waiting
  • Works as this feature does at home. Toggle between callers, or allow the second caller to go to your voice mailbox. The display keeps you informed
  • One-touch access to a number of features
  • Privacy release — When enabled, this feature lets any system user “conference-in” with an in-progress call by pressing the line key for the line on which the call is in progress
  • Dedicated overhead paging interface
  • Requires Caller ID service from your telephone service provider

Price: $429.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: Refurbished

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