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  Mitel 50006181 AX Controller Card (Refurbished)
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Mitel 50006181 AX Controller Card (Refurbished)
Item Code: MIT50006181-REF
Price: $1,650.00
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Condition: Refurbished

Key Features:

  • Mfr. Part #: 50006181
  • AX Controller Card
  • Condition: Refurbished

Item Code: MIT50006181-REF
Price: $1,650.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: Refurbished

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·Mitel 50006212 GN Cordless Headset Cable for 5540 Console ·Mitel 50006266 3300 CXi II SATA Hard Drive (SSD) ·Mitel 50006268 3300 MXe III Controller 32G SATA SSD
·Mitel 50006271 C13 10A 125V Power Cord ·Mitel 50006371 Gigabit Ethernet Stand V2 ·Mitel 50006402 Bluetooth Handset/Headset Module
·Mitel 50006431 MXe III Raid Sub System ·Mitel 50006441 5300 Series Bluetooth Handset/Module Bundle ·Mitel 50006442 Bluetooth Handset with 5300 Charging Plate
·Mitel 50006488 16 inch MT5000 HX to DEI Cable ·Mitel 50006500 2GB Compact Flash Card ·Mitel 50006504 5000 HX Controller Wall Mount Bracket Kit
·Mitel 50006507 SX-200 AX Controller ·Mitel 50006508 AX Controller Card ·Mitel 50006513 3300 MXe III 160GB SATA Hard Drive
·Mitel 50006521 5505 Charging Cradle Power Adapter ·Mitel 50006539 Virtual CSM DVD ·Mitel 50006593 StreamLine 24-Port PoE Switch
·Mitel 50006594 StreamLine 48-Port Switch ·Mitel 50006596 BS6312 StreamLine Adapter Cable (6-Pack) ·Mitel 50006601 StreamLine Power Supply
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·Mitel 50006727 3300 CXi II with 1GB RAM Controller ·Mitel 50006728 3300 CXi II with 1GB RAM Controller ·Mitel 50006729 3300 CX II with 1GB RAM Controller
·Mitel 50006731 3300 MXe III with 1GB RAM Controller ·Mitel 50006748 Call Recording 2TB Blank Hard Drive ·Mitel 50006791 HX-Core Assembly (Chassis, Ctrl, PSU)
·Mitel 50006795 6390 Analog Phone ·Mitel 50006796 6392 2-Line Analog Phone with Power Supply ·Mitel 50006797 6300 Series Handset (10-Pack)
·Mitel 50006809 6300 Wall Mount Kit (10-Pack) ·Mitel 50006810 Line Cord (10-Pack) ·Mitel 50006814 48V L6 Universal AC Adapter
·Mitel 50006817 6867 9-Line SIP Desktop Phone with Color Display ·Mitel 50006822 L6 48V AC Power Supply ·Mitel 50006824 48V L6 AC Adapter (EU)
·Mitel 50006857 6873 Blank Logo Plate (25-Pack) ·Mitel 50006874 M695 Programmable Key Module ·Mitel 50006906 6300 Series AC Adapter (10-Pack)
·Mitel 50006918 4x RJ45 8 pins/16 pairs 25ft Cable ·Mitel 50006919 8x RJ45 2 pins 25ft Cable ·Mitel 50006921 6900/6800 Wall Mount Kit (10-Pack)
·Mitel 50006922 6900 Series Blank Branding Plate (200-Pack) ·Mitel 50006923 6900 Handset Curly Cable (25-Pack) ·Mitel 51003344 3300 ICP Patch Panel
·Mitel 51005172 C7 2.5A 125V Power Cord ·Mitel 51005172 C7 2.5A 125V Power Cord (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51006451 Dialogic DMG1000 PBX/DSE 8-Port Unit
·Mitel 51006453 Dialogic DMG1000 Analog 8-Port Unit ·Mitel 51009841 Gigabit Ethernet Stand V1 (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51012504 Battery Pack Adapter for 5606 Rack Charger
·Mitel 51012538 Basestation Mounting Bracket (10-Pack) ·Mitel 51012689 Basestation Power Supply (NA) ·Mitel 51013054 IBM x3200M2 250GB HS SATA Hard Drive
·Mitel 51013678 8528/8568 Icon Over Labels 5000EN (25-Pack) ·Mitel 51015423 5603/04 Charger Global (Exclude EU) ·Mitel 51210544 8-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System
·Mitel 51210545 12-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel 51211105 16-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel 51211228 20-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System
·Mitel 51212467 24-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel 51212807 Keyboard with Integrated Mouse ·Mitel 51213177 Rack-Mountable 500VA Uninterruptible Power Supply
·Mitel 51300183 3300 AMB/AOB Connection Unit-America ·Mitel 51300751 50-Port System Harness ·Mitel 51300752 100-Port System Harness
·Mitel 51300753 200-Port System Harness ·Mitel 51300754 5m System Cable Male/Female ·Mitel 51300836 10m System Cable Male/Female
·Mitel 51300837 15m System Cable Male/Female ·Mitel 51301127 5603/04/07 Programmer (NA) ·Mitel 51301137 Wireless Messaging Gateway v3 with Power Supply
·Mitel 51301151 C8 90-264VDC GB 802.3at Power Adapter Universal ·Mitel 51301282 Multi-Port GigE PoE Switch ·Mitel 51302278 26ft HDMI Cable Male/Male
·Mitel 51302405 External IR Receiver for VidyoRoom ·Mitel 51302468 Revolabs HD Tabletop Directional Microphone ·Mitel 51302471 Revolabs HD Dual Channel System without Microphone
·Mitel 51302672 RevoLabs Tabletop Charger Always On (NA) ·Mitel 51302673 RevoLabs Lapel Microphone (NA) ·Mitel 51302676 Universal Power Adapter+4 Plug
·Mitel 51302677 Revolabs Microphone Universal Battery ·Mitel 51303911 RFP 12 Single Cell Base Station ·Mitel 51303912 RFP 12 Single Cell Base Station (EU)
·Mitel 51303913 112 DECT Handset Universal with Charger ·Mitel 51303915 112 DECT Universal Power Supply ·Mitel 51303917 112 DECT Phone NiMH Rechargeable Battery
·Mitel 51303919 RFP 12 Single Cell Base Station FRU (EU) ·Mitel 51303920 RFP 12 Base Station 5v PSU+1 Plug FRU (NA) ·Mitel 51303921 RFP 12 Base Station 5v PSU+3 Plugs FRU (EU)
·Mitel 51303922 RFP 12 IP Repeater ·Mitel 51303923 RFP 12 Repeater PSU and Plugs ·Mitel 51304364 DECT Headset Over-the-Head Headband FRU
·Mitel 51304365 DECT Cordless Headset Replacement Battery ·Mitel 51304959 TA7102 Terminal Adapter ·Mitel 51304960 TA7104 Terminal Adapter
·Mitel 51304961 TA7108 Terminal Adapter ·Mitel 51304962 TA7102 Terminal Adapter (UK) ·Mitel 51304963 TA7104 Terminal Adapter (UK)
·Mitel 51304964 TA7108 Terminal Adapter (UK) ·Mitel 51304965 TA7102 Terminal Adapter (AUS) ·Mitel 51304966 TA7104 Terminal Adapter (AUS)
·Mitel 51304967 TA7108 Terminal Adapter (AUS) ·Mitel 51304971 TA7102/TA7104 12VDC 1.5A Universal Power Adapter ·Mitel 51304972 TA7108 12VDC 2.5A PSU Universal Power Adapter
·Mitel 51305332 Integrated DECT Cordless Headset (NA) ·Mitel 52002624 MiVoice Office DDM-16 Card with Cable ·Mitel 52002686 MiVoice Office IP Base Kit (No Compact Flash)
·Mitel 52002827 MiVoice Office Digital Base Pack ·Mitel 5300 50006443 DECT/Bluetooth Charging Plates (10-Pack) ·Mitel 5300 51013125 English Icon Labels (3300) (25-Pack)
·Mitel 5300 51013126 English Icon Labels (5000) (25-Pack) ·Mitel 5304 51011572 IP Phone Hospitality Kit ·Mitel 5304 51014825 Blank Branding Plate (200-Pack)
·Mitel 54006696 MiCb Web/Aud MiVBus MXOne & 5000 User x1 ·Mitel 5422 50002825 IP PKM Interface Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 550.5312 Attendant Console V3.2 Single Node
·Mitel 5505 50006525 Cordless Guest Handset ·Mitel 5505 50006527 Guest IP Phone Base Unit ·Mitel 5505 50006529 Handset Cradle without Power Adapter (2-Pack)
·Mitel 5505 50006531 Phone Base Lens (50-Pack) ·Mitel 5540 51012287 Lens & Label Kit Universal (FRU) ·Mitel 56002534 5310 IP Conference Module Optional Mouse (Refurbished)
·Mitel 56004541 T1/E1 Dual Trunk Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 56008564A Cordless Handset (Refurbished) ·Mitel 56008569 Cordless Headset Charging Cradle (Refurbished)
·Mitel 5602 51012488 Programmer Interface Cable ·Mitel 5602 51012509 Leather Case ·Mitel 5602 51012511 Battery Pack
·Mitel 5602 51012521 Clip (15-Pack) ·Mitel 5602 51012524 Rack Charger Module without Power Supply ·Mitel 5602 51012525 Rack Charger Global Power Supply
·Mitel 5602 51013527 Desktop Charger NA P/S (V2) ·Mitel 5603 51015437 Leather Case ·Mitel 5603 51015956 Security Swivel Clip
·Mitel 5604 51015440 Leather Case ·Mitel 5604 51015955 Spare Belt Clip (15-Pack) ·Mitel 5606 51012485 Rack Charger Module without Power Supply
·Mitel 5606 51012499 Belt Clip ·Mitel 5606 51012500 Headset (Boom Type) ·Mitel 5606 51012502 Battery Pack
·Mitel 5606 51012503 Leather Case ·Mitel 5606 51012505 Spare SIM Card (Programmed) ·Mitel 5606 51012633 Rack Charger Global Power Supply
·Mitel 5607 51301124 Charger Global (Exclude EU) ·Mitel 5607 51301130 Battery Pack Charger Global ·Mitel 5607 51301133 Headset Adapter
·Mitel 5607 51301134 Leather Case ·Mitel 5607 51301135 Belt Clip ·Mitel 5607 51301136 Security Swivel Clip
·Mitel 5607 51301143 Spare Battery Pack ·Mitel 5624 51301221 Programmer ·Mitel 5000 580.2202 DDM-16b CCA for HX Digital Desktop Module
·Mitel 580.2202 5000 HX DDM-16b Digital Desktop Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 580.9126 MT5000 HX Control Power Supply ·Mitel 68635 RFP 36 Outdoor SIP DECT Base Station
·Mitel 68668 630d Rotary Belt Clip ·Mitel 68737 142d Charger and AC Adapter ·Mitel 68759 Mini USB Service Cable for 620d, 622d, and 650c
·Mitel 68761 630d Leather Pouch with Belt Clip ·Mitel 68762 612/622 Leather Pouch with Belt Clip ·Mitel 68764 630d/632 Belt Clip
·Mitel 68765 610d/620d Belt Clip ·Mitel 68767 612 Battery Cover ·Mitel 68768 Standard Battery Pack for 610d, 612d, 620d, 622d, and 650c
·Mitel 68770 610d/620d Rotary Belt Clip ·Mitel 68771 630d Battery Compartment Cover ·Mitel 68772 620d Battery Compartment Cover
·Mitel 68980 600d Charger with International AC Adapter ·Mitel 80-00003AAA-A 622/650 Rotary Belt Clip ·Mitel 80-00004AAA-A 622/650 Standard Belt Clip
·Mitel 80-00005AAA-A 622/650 Battery Cover ·Mitel 80C00008AAA-A K680i QWERTY Keyboard ·Mitel 80C00011AAA-A 6800i Wall Mount Kit
·Mitel 80E00005AAA-A 600 Desktop Charger ·Mitel 80E00006AAA-A IP DECT Base Station IPBS432 ·Mitel 80E00007AAA-A IP DECT Base Station IPBS442
·Mitel 80E00012AAA-A 622d DECT Handset ·Mitel 813.1814 DEM-16 RJ45 To AMP Cable (Refurbished) ·Mitel 828.1771 5000 HX Controller Wall Mount Bracket Kit
·Mitel 840.0416 MiVoice Office License IP Phone Cat D ·Mitel 840.0417 MiVoice Office License Digital Phone Cat E ·Mitel 840.0460 MiVoice Office License UVM 4 Ports
·Mitel 841.1152 1GB Compact Flash Memory Card ·Mitel 87-00002AAA-A RFP 35/43 Universal Power Supply ·Mitel 87-00050AAA-A S850i Wireless Omni Microphone
·Mitel 87-00051AAA-A S850i Wireless Lapel Microphone ·Mitel 87-00053AAA-A S850i Wireless Speaker ·Mitel 87-00054AAA-A S850i Charger Tray
·Mitel 87-00056AAA-A S850i Charger Power Supply ·Mitel 87-00057AAA-A S850i Handset Dialer ·Mitel 87-00058AAA-A S850i Microphone Battery
·Mitel 87-00059AAA-A S850i Handset Dialer Battery ·Mitel 87-00060AAA-A S850i Speaker Battery ·Mitel 87-00061AAA-A S850i USB Connector Kit
·Mitel 87-00077AAA-A 6800i HD Handset (10-Pack) ·Mitel 87-00078AAA-A 6800i Handset Cord (10-Pack) ·Mitel 87-00080AAA-A 6865i Replacement Desk Stand (10-Pack)
·Mitel 87-00081AAA-A 6869i Telephone Stand (10-Pack) ·Mitel 87-00082AAA-A 6800i Blank Logo Plate (50-Pack) ·Mitel 87-00086AAA-A M680i/M685i Stand (10-Pack)
·Mitel 87L00048AAA-A TA7102 Terminal Adapter (EU) ·Mitel 87L00049AAA-A TA7104 Terminal Adapter (EU) ·Mitel 87L00058AAA-A TA7108 Terminal Adapter (EU)
·Mitel 88-00003AUS-A 612d SIP DECT Lite Handset with Base Station ·Mitel 9104-030-002 SX-50 LS/GS Trunk Card (4 CCT) (Refurbished) ·Mitel 9109-613-001 SX-200 ML/EL Peripheral FIM Carrier Card (Refurbished)
·Mitel 9109-614-001 SX-200 Triple CIM Card (Refurbished) ·Mitel 9109-616-001 SX-200 Peripheral Interface Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 9110-016-005 Receiver (Quad) Card (Refurbished)
·Mitel 9110-019-000 Memory Expander Card (Refurbished) ·Mitel 9132-800-208-NA Handset Cord (25-Pack) ·Mitel 9141-110-300 1103 DATASET Module (Refurbished)
·Mitel 9180-510-002 Fiber Interface Module II (FIM II) (5km MM) (Refurbished) ·Mitel 9401-000-024 SX-2000 DNIC Music On Hold Paging Unit (Refurbished) ·Mitel A1602-0000-02-07 M5208 Display Phone (Black)
·Mitel A1760-0000-1055 560M Key Expansion Module ·Mitel A6737-0131-1001_AC 6737 Advanced Feature Expandable IP Phone with Power Supply ·Mitel CS2 LR5829.05800 Telephone (Charcoal)
·Mitel D0023-1051-0075 6700 Series Skype for Business Phones Universal AC Adapter ·Mitel D0061-1093-00-00 5xi Series Handset Cord ·Mitel D0062-0011-34-00 Headset Cable Kit
·Mitel D0063-2000-0075 HD Phone Handset ·Mitel D0067-0001-0000 USB Cable for 6725 Skype for Business Phone ·Mitel D0067-0002-00-00 Wall Mount for 6721/6725 Skype for Business Phones Only
·Mitel D4602-286D-0000 Outdoor RFP Wall Mounting Set ·Mitel D6700-0131-0520 L5 5V Universal AC Power Adapter ·Mitel ELITE 51219458 36-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System
·Mitel ELITE 51219701 40-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel ELITE 51219702 44-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel ELITE 51219710 48-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System
·Mitel ELITE 51219711 52-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel ELITE 51219712 56-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel ELITE 51219713 60-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System
·Mitel ELITE 51219714 64-Port 1000 Hours Voicemail System ·Mitel LR5836.06200 4100 DSS Console (Refurbished) ·Mitel MC320CL ONS Line Card (Refurbished)
·Mitel MiVoice 50006518 5505 Cordless Extension Handset with Cradle ·Mitel MiVoice 50006646 24-Port PCI Digital Station Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006647 8-Port PCI Digital Station Board
·Mitel MiVoice 50006648 16-Port PCI Digital Station Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006650 8-Port PCI Digital Station Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006651 8-Port Digital Station Daughterboard
·Mitel MiVoice 50006652 Call Recording Dual T1/E1 PCIe 48/60 Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006654 4-Port PCI Call Recording Analog Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006655 16-Port PCI Call Recording Analog Board
·Mitel MiVoice 50006656 24-Port PCI Call Recording Analog Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006657 16-Port Call Recording Analog Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006658 24-Port Call Recording Analog Board
·Mitel MiVoice 50006659 8-Port Call Recording Analog Board ·Mitel MiVoice 50006763 6800/6900 Series Bluetooth Handset ·Mitel MiVoice 50006772 6900 Spare Handset (25-Pack)
·Mitel MiVoice 51301142 5607 Wireless Phone ·Mitel Model 4110 8-Button Telephone Set (Charcoal/Refurbished) ·Mitel MXe 50005683 Fans FRU
·Mitel RFP 35 Indoor SIP DECT Base Station ·Mitel Superset 700 MC411CA Console Control Unit (Refurbished) ·Mitel Superset 9132-250-101 SIM2 DSS Module Board (Refurbished)
·Mitel SX-200 ICP MX Controller Replacement Fan (50003884) ·Mitel D0410-128D-0000 8000/9000 Key Cap Kit ·Mitel 50005522 Cordless Headset with Charging Cradle (Refurbished)
·Mitel D0619-635D-0000 220V/40/60 HZ/T AC Transformer ·Mitel 52002391 200 ICP AX Hospitality Hardware Package ·Mitel D0063-1342-0075 6700i Standard Handset
·Mitel 5000 580.2020 PEC-1 Processor Expansion Card ·Mitel 50005104 4 PLUS 12-Port Combo Card (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51302407 VidyoRoom Remote
·Mitel 5000 580.2100 4-Port Single Line Module SLM-4 ·Mitel 50006442 Bluetooth Handset with 5300 Charging Plate (Refurbished) ·Mitel 5000 580.2304 4-Port Loop Start Module LSM-4
·Mitel D0758-633D-0000 8004/9116 Handset/Plat/Taurus ·Mitel Jumper Cable for Cordless DECT Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 5000 580.2702 Dual T1/E1/PRI Module T1M-2
·Mitel 50003560 Dual T1/E1 Trunk MMC Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 550.5310 Attendant Console V3.0 Multi Node ·Mitel 580.9126 MT5000 HX Control Power Supply (Refurbished)
·Mitel 50002822 5412 IP PKM Programmable Key Module Kit (Dark Grey/Refurbished) ·Mitel 51009840 Wireless LAN Stand (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305945 ASC Evolution 2m DC Power Cable for TIF
·Mitel 806.1046 24VAC 1.25A Transformer Wall ·Mitel 9180-510-004 Dual T1 Card (Refurbished) ·Mitel BB424 10575 IP Button Box (Refurbished)
·Mitel 51305946 ASC Evolution 5m DC Power Cable for TIF ·Mitel 806.1131 36VDC 1.56A Power Supply ·Mitel 51304363 Replacement Earhook for DECT Wireless Headset (Refurbished)
·Mitel 50004197 5425 Line Interface Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305947 ASC Evolution 2m Cat5e RJ-45 Patch Cable ·Mitel 50006402 Bluetooth Handset/Headset Module (Refurbished)
·Mitel 51305948 ASC Evolution 6m Cat5e RJ-45 Patch Cable ·Mitel 5000 580.2200 Digital Endpoint Module DEM-16 ·Mitel 51304364 DECT Headset Over-the-Head Headband FRU (Refurbished)
·Mitel A1736-0000-1055 M670i Key Expansion Module ·Mitel Superset 4 9174-000-05-NA Phone (Ash/Refurbished) ·Mitel 50005088 3300 Hard Disk Assembly (Refurbished)
·Mitel 5300 50006443 DECT/Bluetooth Charging Plate (Refurbished) ·Mitel 56009783A Bluetooth Cordless Handset (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305952 ASC Evolution 50-Port Patch Panel
·Mitel 827.9150 Axxess EVMC 200 Mailbox PAL Chip ·Mitel Superset 3DN 9183-000-101 Speaker Phone (Ash/Refurbished) ·Mitel 50005711 Cordless Handset DECT with Module (Refurbished)
·Mitel Superset 3DN 9183-000-001 Speaker Phone (Ash/Refurbished) ·Mitel 3300 50006489 160GB SATA HDD Hard Drives, 2-Pack (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305957 ASC Evolution Redundant AC Power Supply (neo and eco)
·Mitel 5505 50006517 Cordless Guest IP Phone (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305958 ASC Evolution 4.7GB SATA DVD-RAM Drive IV ·Mitel Superset 4 9174-000-025 Multi-Line Display Phone
·Mitel 50005712 Cordless Headset & Module Bundle (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305955 ASC Evolutuon USB Dongle for Virtual/Key Management ·Mitel 51305956 ASC Evolution 2-Port USB Device Server
·Mitel 51305950 ASC Evolution 1m Splitter Cable MVTC Passive 12-Channels ·Mitel 51305949 ASC Evolution eco Passive Splitter for 24 Channels ·Mitel 3300 50006294 ICP CX II CXi II SATA Hard Drive (Refurbished)
·Mitel 3000 618.6005 Ports Expansion Module 0x8 (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305959 ASC 2.5 inch 1TB SATA Hard Drive ·Mitel 50005533 16-Port ONS Card (Refurbished)
·Mitel 50005883 512MB RAM Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel MC320CM ONS Class POS DIS IBR Line Card (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51305970 ASC Evolution USB 4.7GB External DVD-RAM Drive IV
·Mitel 5300 Series 50006441 Bluetooth Handset/Module Bundle (Refurbished) ·Mitel 50003885 SX-200 ICP Controller Power Supply (Refurbished) ·Mitel BHJ0022B EIP1-8 VOIES IP Media Module
·Mitel MiVoice 50006680 Call Recording Ent Server with RAID ·Mitel SX-200 9109-631-001 ML/EL Cabinet Fan (Refurbished) ·Mitel MiVoice 50006681 Call Recording Win 2012 Appliance
·Mitel 4120 51013710 16-Button Full Duplex Telephone (Refurbished) ·Mitel MiVoice 50006682 Call Recording Win 7 Appliance ·Mitel D0031-1542-0075 6730i/6731i Clear Logo Plate
·Mitel 550.5111 1.44MB 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive ·Mitel 5412 50002821 IP PKM 12-Button Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 3300 50006269 MXe III Controller Gateway (Refurbished)
·Mitel MiVoice 50006798 Call Recording Win Appliance ·AT&T 22050-020 Command Control Unit (Refurbished) ·Mitel MiVoice 50006800 Call Recording Server
·Mitel 9400-300-315 Fiber Interface Module (5km) (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51301175 Remote Monitoring Appliance ·Mitel 51015131 48VDC Ethernet Power Adapter
·Mitel 3300 CX II 50006093 Controller (Refurbished) ·Mitel 51015276 5610 IP DECT Cordless Handset and IP DECT Stand (Refurbished) ·Mitel 5606 51012506 Programmed SIM Card includes Software
·Mitel 813.1739 EVMC to CPU Cable Assembly ·Mitel 51304977 WLAN Adapter (NA) ·Mitel 813.1742 EVMC to Floppy Drive Power Cable
·Mitel 51304978 WLAN Adapter Universal Power Supply 5V FRU ·Mitel 9132-250-100 Superset Interface Module 1 (SIM1) ·Mitel 817.1018 EVMC CPU Replacement Fan Kit
·Mitel 50006535 DECT Cordless Headset Unit For Mitel MiVoice 5330, 5340, 5360 IP Phones (Refurbished) ·Mitel 823.1392 Rack Mount Bracket Kit ·Mitel MiVoice 52002541 Business MXe User Controller 1400
·Mitel 5000 823.1692 Rack Mount Bracket ·Mitel 52003055 StreamLine 8-Port Kit ·Mitel Superset PKM48 9132-200-100 Programmable Key Module (Light Grey)
·Mitel 3300 52002544 CX Media Gateway ·Mitel 9180-510-001 ML/EL FIM II Module (Refurbished) ·Mitel 52003056 StreamLine 24-Port Kit
·Mitel 828.1514 Multi-App CT Gateway Kit ·Mitel 3300 52002545 MXe Media Gateway ·Mitel Superset PKM48 9132-200-200 Programmable Key Module (Dark Grey)
·Mitel 52003057 StreamLine 48-Port Kit ·Mitel 828.1523 Single-App CT Gateway Kit ·Mitel 50003728 Dual DSP Module (Refurbished)
·Mitel 3300 52002546 Analog User Controller ·Mitel D0070-192D-0200 Cradle for DECT 142 Handset ·Mitel 50006764 350mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
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Mitel Superset 4015 Display Phone (Dark Grey/Refurbished)
Price: $24.99

Mitel Superset 4025 9132-025-202 Backlit Display Speaker Phone (Dark Grey/Refurbished)
Price: $30.00

Mitel Superset PKM12 Programmable Key Module Kit (Light Grey)
Price: $200.00

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