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  Panasonic KX-TA824PACK Package With 3 Telephones
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Need an entire PBX phone system?

Panasonic KX-TA824PACK Package With 3 Telephones
Price: $619.00
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Condition: New

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This bundled package offers great savings on the Panasonic KX-TA824 phone system and KX-T7731B phones.

More Information

  • (1) KX-TA824 KSU (Key Service Unit)
  • (3) KX-T7731B Caller ID enabled 7700 series phone with display in black
  • Panasonic advanced hybrid telephone system with 3 CO's and 8 stations
  • Packaged with (1) KX-TA824 and (3) KX-T7731B telephones
  • Expandable to 8 CO's, 24 stations
  • Built-in voice message card
  • CO-Basedvoice mail compatible
  • Voicemail integration (APITS and DPITS)
  • Telephone compatibility: KX-T7700, KX-T7300, KX-308XX, KX-T7000 series, KX-T7885, KX-TD7895, and KX-TD7896 as well as single linetelephones
  • PC Programming onsite and remote
  • Message waiting (proprietary phones)
  • Dual port usage (parallel SLT station)
  • Capacity 3-8 CO Lines, 8-24 Extensions
  • Intercom path (4 paths)
  • Dialing method: external: tone/pulse (10 pps, 20 pps); internal: tone/pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
  • Dialing conversion: tone to pulse or pulse to tone
  • Space division CMOS crosspoint switch
  • Power failure transfer: 2 CO lines to pre-assigned extensions
  • CO lines connections: modular jack (RJ-11)
  • Door intercom 4 pin modular connector
  • Paging phono jack
  • External music: 2-conductor jack
  • SMDR RS-232C interface port (D-Sub, 9 Pin)
  • Programming: USB, RS232, modem
  • Power source: AC 120V,60 Hz
  • Absent message capability: up to 6
  • Account code entry
  • Automated attendant (with DISA/OGM)
  • Automatic CO hunting
  • B.G.M. (background music) jack
  • Call back busy
  • Call forwarding
  • Call hunting (terminal or circular)
  • Call log
  • Call parking zones (10)
  • Call park retrieve
  • Call pick up
  • Call retrieve from TAM
  • Call transfer/transfer recall
  • Call waiting caller ID
  • Caller ID calllogging (20 station)
  • Caller ID to single line device
  • Caller ID call log lock
  • Caller ID call back
  • Caller ID name and number
  • Class of service 5
  • CO Limited duration timer
  • CO Line status (two color LED)
  • Conference calling
  • Data dump (print out of system program data)
  • Data line security (for fax or modem)
  • Date and time display
  • D.I.L. (direct inline)
  • D.I.S.A. (Direct Inward System Access)fax transfer, ring groups, single digit access
  • Distinctive ringing tone (door phone intercom and CO)
  • D.N.D. (do not disturb)
  • Do notdisturb override
  • Maximum door phones up to 4
  • Maximum door opener contacts up to 4
  • DSS/BLF consoles 2
  • Duration timeof call display
  • Electronic station lock
  • Extension groups 8
  • Exclusive hold
  • Executive override
  • 1 External paging port
  • Flexible CO keys (DSS/BLF, one touch dial)
  • Flexible DSS keys (one touch, feature access)
  • Flexible key assignments
  • Flexible line assignment
  • Flexible night service/programmable/manual
  • Flexible ringing assignment (day, night, lunch)
  • Flexible station numbering
  • Hands-free answerback intercom
  • Handset/headset-display phones
  • Hold
  • Hold recall/hold reminder
  • Industry standard telephone capability
  • Internal paging (all call paging)
  • Internal paging (zone paging) (8 zones)
  • Last number redial
  • Limited call duration
  • Log in/log out
  • Memory back up
  • M.O.H. (music on hold input)
  • Off-hook tone signaling
  • Operator call
  • Pre-selection (central office or intercom)
  • Privacy release
  • Ringing line preference
  • Room monitor
  • Saved number redial
  • Secret dialing
  • S.M.D.R. (station message detail recording)
  • Station name display
  • Station speed dial
  • Station to station messaging
  • 100 System speed dial numbers
  • Timed reminder
  • Toll restriction
  • Toll restriction override
  • Tone/pulse conversation
  • Tone/pulse dialing (by CO line)
  • Transfer (screened/unscreened)
  • Trunk groups
  • Unattended conference call
  • Walking class of service
  • Pre-installed caller ID card (1 card for 3 CO's)
  • Single line device integration: allows connection of many types of single-line telephone devices such as


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Price: $619.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: New

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