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Please Note: phones in the following sections are not regular telephones. They require PBX Phone Systems to operate.

New Phone Systems

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New PBX Phone Systems
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Benefits of PBX Phone Systems >>

  • Easily transfer calls between stations (internal phones)
  • Setup Individual Voice Mail boxes for every employee
  • Automatically direct incoming calls with a personalized Auto-Attendant
  • Network as few as 4 to over 1000 phones

PBX Phone Systems Basics >>

    PBX Phone Systems are scalable solutions allowing you to network office communications. They make economical sense for networking as few as 4 stations (phones), and allow expansion as your office grows.

    What does it mean to network office communications? Simply put, it means you have the ability to transfer calls between phones. The end result is that your business can effectively send incoming calls to the right personnel. Additionally this capability allows for an auto-attendant - one of those touch-tone directory trees that direct incoming calls to the right people.

    The variety of different PBX phones systems on the market today offer a myriad of different features, and are designed for different scalability (from small offices, to large call centers). Some systems have a maximum capacity of 8 lines, and some over 1000. The general category of PBX Phone Systems is huge, and offers enough selection to suit the needs of any business. Our guide below can help you determine what phone system works best for your needs.

How to choose a PBX Phone System >>

    To determine the best fit solution for your needs, take a look at the below criteria, and take note of your needs.

    Step 1: Choose a KSU (Key Service Unit)
      The KSU is the central unit of a phone system. Once you choose a KSU, you are limited to the phones designed by the manufacturer for that particular product line. The most important features such as Caller ID, Last Number Redial, Speed Dial, Hotline, internal/external Call Waiting, Voice Over, Reverse Voice Over and Off-Hook Signaling are standard features offered with virtually every phone system. So this leaves the most important consideration when choosing a phone system as being the capacity of the phone system versus the price of the full system.

      Phone System Capacity: The first step is to decipher what the maximum capacity your phone system should be able to handle. There are two factors to determine here.

      First, how many physical phone lines do you want to connect to your phone system (line capacity). This determines the maximum amount of employees that can be on the phone at the same time. Typical phone systems begin with a max capacity of 3 lines, and then go on to 4, 6, 8, 16, 32...

      The second capacity determination regards how many stations (phones) will be on this PBX network (station capacity). Typical max station capacities for PBX phone systems start at 8 phones and double from there on out (16, 32...).

      Typically, phone systems are offered with approximately twice as many stations as phone lines. The line vs station capacity is usually written as a two number shorthand such as '4 x 8', meaning the KSU offers 4 lines and up to 8 stations. Most KSUs can be expanded beyond their initial capacity, so make sure to note maximum expansion size of a KSU when browsing.

    Step 2: Do you want a Voice Mail/Auto-Attendant package
      Voice mail and auto-attendant features are typically combined into the same package. Voicemail offers password protected voice messaging for each employee; while an auto-attendant offers a touch-tone directory that automatically connects incoming callers with the right personnel.

      Every phone system on the market offers these features as an additional combo package. So it is simply a decision of whether you would or would not like to purchase a Voicemail/Auto-attendant unit along with your Phone System.

    Once you have decided on a good capacity, the remainder of choosing a phone system comes down to comparing and contrasting the small differences from one system to the next. If you would like more in-depth support in your decision process, call us at 1-800-522-0322; our representatives are well-trained in PBX equipment and ready to help.

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