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  Toshiba BHEU Headset Adapter (Refurbished)
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Toshiba BHEU Headset Adapter (Refurbished)
Price: $7.99
Express Shipping Available! - details

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Condition: Refurbished

This adapter is rquired for use on all DKT3000 series phones to enable the use of a headset with the phone.

Price: $7.99
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: Refurbished

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·Toshiba BCOCIS1A 4-Port Line Card Daughterboard with Caller ID ·Toshiba Strata DK424 RCTUB2A Processor Card (Refurbished) ·Toshiba MK5056GSY 2.5 inch SATA Hard Disk Drive (Refurbished)
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·Toshiba MK3256GSY 2.5 inch 320GB SATA Hard Disk Drive (Refurbished) ·Toshiba Strata VI MCOU-MF4 CO Line Interface Card (Refurbished) ·Toshiba PDIU-DI2A Data Interface Unit (Charcoal/Refurbished)
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·Toshiba MK8009GAH 1.8 inch 80GB ZIF Hard Disk Drive (Refurbished) ·Toshiba HDCB Door Phone Controller Box (Refurbished) ·Toshiba RDSU1 with RSTS1A Card (Refurbished)
·Toshiba MK1002TSKB 3.5 inch 1TB SATA Hard Disk Drive (Refurbished) ·Toshiba RCOU3/RCOS3 CO Line Combo Card (Refurbished) ·Toshiba MDFB Door Phone/Monitor Station Unit
·Toshiba DK24 PPSU24 Main Power Supply (Refurbished)
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Toshiba DKT-2010H Hands-Free Phone (Charcoal/Refurbished)
Price: $19.99

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