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  Toshiba Stratagy IPV8 Revision 2 8-Port Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
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Toshiba Stratagy IPV8 Revision 2 8-Port Voicemail Card (Refurbished)
Item Code: TOSIVP8R2-REF
Price: $699.00
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Condition: Refurbished

The Stratagy IVP8 voice processing system, delivers a cost-effective, robust solution for our customers. Compatible with Toshiba's new Strata CTX line of new-generation digital business telephone systems and Toshiba's Strata DK line of hybrid key business telephone systems, Stratagy IVP8 provides integrated voice processing using flash drive technology. The Stratagy IVP8 supports two to eight ports of voice processing.

Integrated Solution Delivers Improved Compatibility at Value Pricing
The Stratagy IVP8 is an integrated voice processing solution designed to be installed in a base or expansion cabinet card slot of a Toshiba Strata CTX or Strata DK telephone system providing support for two to eight ports.

Proprietary Design for Exceptional Compatibility and Reliability
The Stratagy IVP8's circuit card architecture is a Toshiba proprietary design utilizing state-of-the-art embedded processing capabilities. It has flash memory, two serial ports, and a built-in modem for local or remote interface with a PC. It provides approximately four hours of storage, with an optional upgrade to 12 hours.

The Stratagy IVP8 incorporates all of its voice processing capabilities on a single card, so it's simple to install. Because it has no moving parts, the Stratagy IVP8 delivers faster performance and enhanced reliability. There's no need for standard telephone ports, outside cabling, or a separate battery backup. The entire voice processing system is contained within the Strata CTX or Strata DK telephone system, without the purchase of new, expensive, external hardware.

"Call Record to Voice Mail" Lets Users Record Telephone Conversations
When used with the new Toshiba Strata CTX digital business telephone system, Stratagy IVP8 users can activate the "Call Record to Voice Mail" feature. This allows users to record and store telephone conversations simply by pressing an optionally programmed Record feature key on the digital telephone. Users can save the recordings in their own voice mail or send it to an alternate voice mailbox.

Monitors Status of Extensions and Automatically Handles Night Transfers
Because the Stratagy IVP8 is installed directly in the telephone system, it has the ability to monitor the status of extensions for busy/idle status and a DSS/BLF console's Night Transfer Key for alternate incoming call routing applications. It can also be synchronized with the Strata CTX KSU or run on its own system clock, which automatically makes Daylight Savings Time adjustments.

System Stays Live, Even During Power Interruptions
The Stratagy IVP8 achieves voice and data storage by utilizing a solid-state Flash memory data storage device that uses non-volatile, semiconductor read/write storage technology. This means that if power is interrupted, the database is not lost. The database information on the Stratagy IVP8 remains secure through power outages without employing on-board batteries. Because the Stratagy IVP8 is a circuit card that is inside Toshiba's Strata CTX or Strata DK telephone system, both of which come with battery back-up options, the Strata IVP8 system operation will be maintained even during black-outs.

Increased Reliability With Use of Flash Memory
The flash memory data storage device in the Stratagy IVP8 contains no moving parts and is built with all solid state components. As a result, it is fast, noiseless, lightweight and delivers a higher level of reliability than standard disk drive-based systems. It operates like an industry standard Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard disk drive; however, unlike disk drives, flash memory speed does not decrease with increasing amounts of data stored, nor does disk storage fragmentation occur. This makes the flash-based Stratagy IVP8 much more reliable than disk drive-based voice processing solutions.

The flash memory also has very high-data integrity with automatic bad-spot management and sparing, plus full Error Correction Coding (ECC) for high reliability.

Easy Administrator Functionality
Basic administrative functions, such as adding users, re-setting passwords, etc., can easily be performed by the System Administrator using a touchtone telephone. More extensive system administration requires an IBM-compatible PC with keyboard and monitor.

More Information

  • 8 ports / 15 hours storage
  • Revision 2

Item Code: TOSIVP8R2-REF
Price: $699.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Condition: Refurbished

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