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  Valcom VIP-418A-IC IP Square 8 inch Speaker
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Valcom VIP-418A-IC IP Square 8 inch Speaker
Item Code: VALVIP418AIC
Price: $378.00
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Color: White

Condition: New

Browse the User Guide[Download: PDF,108KB]

The Valcom VIP-418A-IC is a white 8in x 8in square IP speaker wall assembly. This model is meant for use with InformaCast IP Paging software systems. The VIP-418 One-Way IP Wall Speaker enables voice access to a single zone of one-way paging over an IP-based LAN/WAN. This allows a page zone extension anywhere on the network. The speaker level is electrically adjusted during setup. The enclosure is made of steel with a durable white, paintable finish. The color of the enclosure can easily be changed to match any decor. The speaker requires an 802.3af PoE compliant network connection. Power is provided to the VIP-418 via a Power over an Ethernet switch meeting the 802.3af specification. The Valcom VIP-908 Ethernet switch is ideal for this purpose and will power up to 7 VIP- 800 series devices.

Key Features:

  • One-Way Communication
  • PoE (802.3af) - No Local Power Required
  • High-Efficiency 8" (203mm) Speakers
  • Durable Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish on Metal Surfaces
  • Output Level 103 db/1Meter
  • Line Output Supports Valcom Amplified Speakers
  • Paintable
  • Mounting Backboxes Available for VIP-418 and VIP-428 (Backbox Type: 11,12, 13)

Item Code: VALVIP418AIC
Price: $378.00
Express Shipping Available! - details

Same day shipping - details

Color: White

Condition: New

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