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  Why would your company need Conference Phones?
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Why would your company need Conference Phones?
This is a great question to ask, and I have the answer. Whenever you look to spend from $300 to $1000 on an item, you want to know exactly how the investment will benefit your company.
Let's consider a business without a designated area with a conference phone. How would the corporate leaders and employees conduct their meetings with vendors, consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, directors, investors, or any other group in which communication is imperative?
Relevant groups of employees would not have a place for meetings with outside groups and individuals. For example, the leaders of the marketing department couldn't meet to discuss a new project with outside consultants. The relevant groups would exchange information inefficiently because exchanges would be amongst individuals rather than consolidated groups. Consultant information would have to be written or sent verbally to every group member, and they would have to respond and receive information individually. All the while, information is not being shared; it's fragmented and unorganized.
How can a group adequately perform a project in this scenario?
It can't. The group must communicate and receive information cohesively to keep the strategic direction moving towards the project goal. Large projects can be quite complex, so every person in the group must be on the same page by having the same relevant information provided by outside groups and amongst one another.
How can this problem be solved?
Designated areas with conference phones must be created for relevant groups to conduct their meetings with outside groups and individuals. The size of the area and the type of conference phone needed depends on the anticipated number of people participating in the meetings. The area and conference phone can be for a group as small as 3 people to as much as 30.
There are conference phones for any size area:
For small offices or rooms from 1 to 4 people
Medium to Large Rooms for 5 to 30 people
Conference phones for Avaya or Nortel digital phone systems
Some additional information:
Conference phones come in Non-expandable, Expandable, Expandable with microphones, and Expandable with microphones and wireless microphone.
With Non-expandable, you are limited to its initial capacity, with Expandable you have the opportunity to buy the microphones in the future, Expandable with microphones comes packaged with microphones, and Expandable with microphones and wireless microphone; well, you get the picture.
With an expandable Polycom Premier Conference phone that is version C or higher, you can also get a Polycom SoundStation Premier Satellite, which gives you the ability to expand your system to a total of two speakers and eight microphones, including an optional 900MHz wireless microphone.
Most conference phones, unless stated otherwise, are for analog lines. So, if you have an analog line jack, plug the conference phone right in.
If you have a specific digital phone system, you might find a customized conference phone.
If there is not a conference phone especially for your digital phone system, you can buy a Konexx Digital Adapter, which switches digital to analog and allows the operation of a conference phone using a digital phone.
Also, you can order an analog line and add a corresponding analog jack to plug your conference phone directly into.
Now you are ready to purchase. Don't let your competition get ahead by being more practical and efficient. Keep your groups cohesive and meet goals at a faster and more coordinated pace. Get a Conference phone today!

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